What is the limit for commands sent to a bot?


I sometimes get error: Too many commands for a bot.
Is there a documented limit? What is it?
Are there hints for what situation is causing it?
Are there suggestions for avoiding the situation all together (strategy) or avoiding the error (tactical)? - Python


I believe the limit is per ship - as long as you don't give the same ship multiple commands this shouldn't happen.


"Message": "ERRORED! Got Exception (if any): ERROR: Bot #0: Tried to queue too many commands for ship 0 (at character 24.)\nInput received from bot:\nd 0 1t 0 7 357t 1 7 1d 2 1t 2 7 75\n ^; Response received (if any): d 0 1t 0 7 357t 1 7 1d 2 1t 2 7 75",
this is the error message the game sends when you give more commands to a single ship.