Season III of Halite Tournaments


Halite Tournaments - Season III

Our last season was pretty succesful, with even more features and integrations into our bots. Season III was slightly longer than Season II, but now tournament day is approaching! Here's what's new:
-2v2 Engine
-Different Engine constants
-Weekly bot backups
-Language roles, you can now tag people with the same language and get language-specific help!
-Cool new commands for our bots!

Important Links:

-Discord Server:

Discord Server

Please join our Discord Server! The signup link and everything you will need to start a new bot for the 2v2 engine will be available there, we also have a fantastic community with team members ready to help you. It's also extremely necessary for you to join our server to sign up and play. Click here to join.


Halite Tournaments Season III is here!

This is going to be a very special season since the format of
the tournament has changed!

  • This will be a 2v2 tournament, the teams will be
    randomly chosen every round, meaning that once
    a team wins the two players in that team will
    pass the round and be part of a different team
    the next round.

  • The format will be double elimination, meaning that
    there will be two players coming from the losers

  • The finals, however, will be 4FFA so prepare
    yourself to both 2v2 and 4FFA!

The constants have also changed, here is a brief overview:

  • Starting Ship Count: 5
  • More Planets
  • 4000ms timeout per turn
  • Faster ships
  • Ship regeneration
  • Lower weapon damage
  • Bigger explosion radius
  • Bigger docking radius
  • Faster production

Here is the link for the Constants.hpp:

Due to the changes with the 2v2 mode, you will have to know the id
of your team mate. This will be pretty easy for you to implement
because: Player #0 is always with Player#2 and
Player#1 is always with Player#3, so you will have to write
something like this:

Rules and Restrictions:

-After receiving three strikes, you will be banned from the server. Actions that will give you strikes are marked with a *.
-Submitting malicious code is also forbidden and will get you disqualified. *(Banned immediately if code is malicious)
-By completing this form, you agree to not break of these rules.
-If two players have the same bot they will be asked to give an explanation and one of them if not both have to change their bot. *
-If you are NOT in the Discord server, you are automatically disqualified until you join. This will not give you a strike.

Good luck, and remember that the tournament starts on June 30th!

May the best bot win!