Post-Mortem & Bot Source Code


Below is a list of post-mortems and open source bot code.
(Will be re-ordered by finals ranking at the conclusion of finals)

ReCurs3: Postmortem
FakePsyho: C++ Source Code & Postmortem
shummie: C++ Source Code, Postmortem
Prisoner3d: Java Source Code
mellendo: Python Source Code
mlomb: C++ Source Code & Postmortem
cdurbin: Clojure Source Code
ewirkerman: Golang Source Code & Postmortem
succcubbus: JavaScript Source Code & Postmortem
kindanoob: Python Source Code
RyanDraves: C++ Source Code & Postmortem
klyd3r: Python Source Code
Fohristiwhirl: Golang Source Code & Postmortem, Rush Theory Writeup
ipost: Rust Source Code
alexander-mol: Python Source Code
dhallstr: Java Source Code
FiodorG: Java Source Code
awesomelemonade: Java Source Code
FrankWhoee: Java Source Code, Postmortem
scottlegrand: C++ Source Code
djgandy: C++ Source Code
holypegasus: Python Source Code & Postmortem
Grungnie: Python Source Code
Lunariz: C# Source Code & PostMortem
DaanPosthuma: Python Source Code
En3rG: Python Source Code
csheldrick: Python Source Code
MiloATH: C++ Source Code
sw-yx: Python Source Code


Here is mine


Anyone using python bots and in the top leaderboards I can have a look at?


Hey shummie, where is your bot :innocent:?


Haha. I'll be releasing mine eventually. I sort of want to get the post-mortem written up first since my code is a jumbled mess.


I believe Frank's bot has migrated to:



I did a short write-up about my bot and posted the code! I finished around rank 14 before finals started and would really appreciate if someone reviewed/criticized my code. I know I didn't use the best practices throughout - when I started I had no idea what const meant or what the "&" did in function prototypes (nor do I still on that last one). Any tips would be really welcome, I tried to keep things organized and but it gets hard when you use one file for everything. (Major issue number one listed on my bot.)


my top rank is only 760 so this isnt anywhere close to as impressive as the other folks on here but i figure this might be helpful for other python beginners (the v5 was the best). honestly i think i couldve done better if i had more time but i only started doing this in earnest in 2 days in the last week of the contest. also the iteration loop was a struggle on my laptop.


Rank 47 (rating 50) or so at the close of competition on Monday.


My bot is likely the top python bot. Here's my code:


Clojure code


Thanks for sharing, mellendo, I thought about adding ship roles like you did but I failed on implementation :frowning:


From your write up, your code sounds interesting. I will check it out this weekend, and send you some comments.


Thank you! I would appreciate that. Let me know if there's a confusing section of it lacking documentation/comments - I forgot to mention my collision detection in my original write up! It dominates a lot of code, I'm sure I left other important things out.


Might link a few more sample replays/screenshots if I get around to it but for now:

* while eagerly anticipating Halite III (and totally wanna help build it!), where else can we find games/contests that have this kind of
1) quick/rich feedback
2) multi-faceted/open-endedness
* opportunities to further explore game-theory/mechanism-design or more generally intersection between econ/finance x AI ?


My post-mortem is now online. Feedback, questions and comments are welcome.


Thanks for the write-up.
Did you build on Fohristiwhirl's Chlorine for your replay tool?


No I started it from scratch.


Might I humbly suggest with your approximate value function combined with Monte Carlo iterations to optimize it that you qualify as a GOFAI ML client IMO? Fantastic writeup and fantastic coding!