My local tester/matchmaking client-server system implementation


Not sure if it deserves separate thread, but I decided to uploade my tool that I used for evaluating my bots locally.


This is the same repo that has my solution, but & are responsible for the tester.

- full local command-line interface for uploading / removing / showing rankings / backing up / restoring and few other functions
- requires plink (ssh equivalent for windows), but can be easily changed to allow for other ssh clients
- has full automated matchmaking system (with few changes so that the results are more reliable quicker for new bots)
- in theory, the system is fully distributed and supports several machines although I never used it in such way, so YMMV
- has few bugs, but overall works great :wink:

Oh, and I'm not responsible for any damage. That ALL CAPS file is there for a reason.