Loose hit map question


From documentation:

1. Create a loose hit-map: Having a near-accurate means of determining collisions without needing complex calculations is very useful, as your tests turn more complex. Assuming a discrete MxN array, a boolean hitmap can be devised with minimal loss of resolution.

They mean, that i can create two-dimensional array with size(map_width,map_height). And make something like minimap? But how i can determine is there any planets(or ships) in specifical area(e.g. on position x=12,y=50 ) There aren't such opportunity in API.


The starter kits are fairly basic - for this you'd need to code essentially all of it yourself.


It's okay, but i should create minimap like above? And then add there planets and every turn add all existing ships(to better navigation)?


Well. I'm not sure that suggestion in the docs is the best idea. I use something simpler that works (0 self-collisions in a typical game). But I can't give away all my secrets... :slight_smile:


I'll give a hint since I still have self-collisions most games. It's much easier to figure out where my ships are going to go and have them move around each other's paths than figure out whatever the heck all that above means. AFAIK I think this works 99.9% of the time.

Also you can only thrust in integer values. This is important.


Ok, I'll try to do something, thanks