Let's Build Our Own Halite Like Game


I am new to this and while I have been enjoying building and testing my own bots, I can't get that rush of adrenaline when you win someone else than your past self and climb higher the ranks.

For that reason I thought we should build something similar to Halite 2, which would be up and running 24/7 all year long.

So if anyone of you guys and girls have related knowledge and time for a side project, leave a comment below and we can get this party started.


I started implementing a game based off of Halite 1 (tbh I liked the first one better :grin: ) but in 3D here as Minery.

Not sure if this is what you were thinking of? I built a map generator and simple AI bot in Unity3D with C# so it isn't too friendly with servers although it could be with some quick work. Would likely need a separate pipeline for managing submissions and then queuing them up for games. Also, Minery involves a first person player, so it isn't a fully botted competition, and as it generates bots from mined blocks there is a much greater penalty for timeout.

As I've started a few other AI projects I probably won't be able to work on this by myself, so if anyone wants to help please do!


Hey, I have built exactly this kind of platform :slight_smile:, the environments are always live, your agents are controlled remotely (at the moment).

It's not quite halite in terms of game-play, but would love to mould it into something halite players would also love.

Would really like some feedback and beta testers from halite players!

Here's some more information: