Imminent Victory Art


The bot I uploaded yesterday has a nasty bug that makes all my ships behave rather oddly when all the enemy planets are gone, but since at that point in the game I'm going to win, instead of fixing it I took the extra turns the bug gives between imminent victory and the game concluding to make some art.

Right now it's just a simple check to make sure I'm going to win, then a few select ships go and make a ship hard-coded into an array. Here's a (poor) "1" made by ships in the bottom-left corner at the end of the game:

What other shapes should I make instead of fixing my bot?


Heh, excellent. Revoklaw did that last year, it was great. Gotta be large scale! :slight_smile:


It seems my slow-gliding ship bug has cultured into its own art- I see no reason to fix such beauty.

Nvm I've been out done.