How to run 4 player game locally?


I created a better version of my bot for 4 player games and general but when i came to website i couldn't submit that better version bot. So i want to test it locally to see how it does so i edited .bat file like:
halite.exe "" "" "" ""
but program only played a game with first 2 bots, so how can i play a 4 player game with halite.exe?


Make sure all of those are on one line.

Depending on platform you might also have to specify that Python is to launch it, e.g.:

halite.exe "python" "python" "python" "python"


It is on one line and i wrote python behind all bot names but still halite.exe plays with first 2 bots. There is no error files tho when i look to cmd, in the first line it prints
halite.exe "python" "python"
computes the turns
and at the end of the file it prints
"" ""
I am sure they are on the same line but why does this happen i have no idea. What do you suggest?


Hmm - I think the most likely explanation is some invisible character is in the file messing with the command.

Try making a new file and typing it all in manually - no copy/paste. Again, making sure it's 1 line only.

(Are you by any chance using Notepad for Windows? It has some issues displaying Unix newline characters.)


I was using notepad but that wasn't the problem, your assumption was correct, I deleted all the text then rewrite and it worked, thank you so much for your help.