Anyone Root for Keeping the Challenge Feature On?


Extremely happy to be part of the competition, and very unfortunate to get to notice this competition only 1 week before the submission deadline. I have built and trained a bot ranks 1100 on the LB but after several days' improvement I manage to beat my original bot 80% of the time with the new version. But I never had the chance to compete with others with the new bot.

I feel that there might be a bunch of people like me that have gained big improvements around deadline but never really have the chance to see how it performs. Would be really happy if the Halite Team can keep the challenge feature on until Halite 3, even with fewer servers. This will also be a benefit for the whole Halite Community. Thanks!



This will only work if a lot ppl ask for it.


Would be fun to try playing a bit more.
Additionally, servers could be adjusted to focus on recently submitted bots more.


@fbabelle Unfortunately Two Sigma can't keep the competition on for longer, but some players are running a tournament on their own. Checkout their Discord here: