Any way to program the AI in C Language?


There are whole lots of programming languages to code the AI, but I found out that there is no C Language.
Is there a way to make it function in C? Or do I just change the C++ to C style?


There isn't a starter kit and I don't believe anyone has developed their own bot in C yet either. So while it probably hasn't been tested the server should be able to handle a C bot fine. You just need to send a MyBot.c file along with having all of your .c files living in the same directory. Then if I'm reading the code correctly, the server will compile each .c file with gcc -O3 -funroll-loops -c and then the overall bot with gcc -O2 -lm -o MyBot <all the .o files>.


I know how gcc compile works. Ok, thanks, now I know that it doesn't work currently and it will be upcoming soon.


I think maybe I'm not being clear, the description above is already implemented (and has been since the start of the contest). I'm just trying to let you know how a C bot will be compiled on the server.


C programm is a powerfull tool if you can use it as a part of body of yours
Every funcion can be make in c programm. C programm is more than you think. So don't be panic about it.. But python and other programm is specially made for these work .. so you can do them using python or prolog very fast and accuretly..But using c it may take some time.. but ultimately you can made your goal.