Alternative Local Replay Viewer


I have produced an alternative replay viewer using Electron. Features:

  • Clean, simple display
  • Ship and planet info via mouseclick
  • Displays actual thrust commands issued by ships
  • Optional weapon and docking range display
  • Option to re-save input file as JSON


That's great, I really like the appearance.

I've set up my match manager to use your visualizer, it works well.


I was calling it from Python myself for my own reasons, and found I had to do shell=True, though maybe that was a Windows problem.


I've got this match viewer rigged as part of my game running batch file. As soon as I run a game, the match viewer shows that game. It's almost instant. Great work!


cannot get this working. Have successfully gotten 'official' visualizer to work on .hlt replays.

Currently, chlorine window stuck on "Starting up..." Attempts to use file menu to open replay does nothing. Attempts to drag-and-drop opens a save window. Attempts to open via cmd (as instructed on readme) also opens chlorine window to "Starting up..."


If you open up developer tools from the file menu, and go to the console tab, do any error messages show up?

Still, your description is consistent with what happens if npm install (run from inside the directory) hasn't been done. Could it be that?


Hi Thanks a lot for your work,
looking at the replay script on windows it runs but dies at the end of the 1st turn

in my bot log I see
....hlt\", line 199, in _parse
num_players, *remainder = tokens
ValueError: not enough values to unpack (expected at least 1, got 0)

Some magic Im missing? or somewhere you'd advise to look ?