Accessing the map prior to Turn 1?


In the rules, it says this:

"At the beginning of the game, for their first turn, all bots receive the initial game state, as well as their player ID, and have 1 minute to prepare and send back their bot name."

But in the starter bots it seems that the same line of code that sends your bot name is the same line that returns the information about the game. Is there a way to access the board before sending this in?


I dont believe so. @j-clap, @lidavidm ?


The engine sends you your player tag and the initial map state, then reads your bot name. So you could read the map state before sending back the bot name, but you would need to modify the starter kit or write your own.


I really need this :confused: The C++ Starter code has this but not Python


Python has it as well, try looking at


In Python, before the While loop you can use the method initial_map to do it.

game = hlt.Game("BotName")
game_map = game.initial_map