A third party Halite gym


I have created a new standalone gym at rlee287/Halite-II-Gym that can be used to compare bots. The gym does not require installing any external dependencies. Right now it prints out results in a table format and can run games that select from the actual distribution of sizes instead of running at a fixed size. This is still a work in progress, so any feedback would be appreciated.


I see your gym is manually picking the map size from the correct distribution. If instead you simply don't pass the -d argument to the halite executable the engine will choose a random size from the correct distribution itself.

On a side note, I don't really understand why the sample run_game scripts use the -d argument. Maybe a comment mentioning it, but making it so every game run uses the same map size seems less useful.


You should include install/running instruction in your README.md.

Suggestion: If you have time, wrap it with some simple GUI to support drag-drop the bot or simulation parameters tuning.